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Iridium Szreter
Software Projects
A modern JSON API for kanji, built with Python
An interactive Kanji dictionary, powered by kanjiapi.dev and mithril.js
A curated list of English common nouns for inspiration as gender neutral enby names
A web app exploring the different spelled representations of the phonemes of English. Built with mithril.js
A website to help figure out the right tradeoffs when getting a mortgage between interest costs, monthly costs, and house prices.
A full stack webapp for converting recipes between different tray sizes, shapes, and quantities. Frontend with mithril.js, backend with Python cloud functions and postgres database
Pokemon: Shared moves visualisation
A web app visualisation showing Pokémon relations by number of shared moves. Built with mithril.js and d3.js
An interactive visualisation showing damage multipliers between different Pokémon types. Written in TypeScript using d3.js and mithril.js
Don't call us, we'll call you: Inversion of Control Containers
Remove error-prone dependency management by leveraging the power of inversion control containers!
Parahumans Vis
Visualising how long the Worm (Parahumans) series is
Kanji Set Diffs
Set diffs between various kanji lists
Stubbing in Clojure with Speclj
How to stub functions in Clojure for interaction style TDD
TDDing HTTP Requests in a plain Rack app
How to TDD HTTP Requests in Ruby using Rack